The Shopify Plus ecosystem reached incredible new heights in 2023. In total, Shopify processed over $236B in GMV and generated $149M in MRR (+35% YoY), with $46M in MRR (31% of total) from 30k+ Shopify Plus stores.

These Shopify Plus stores were powered by an ever-growing 10k+ app ecosystem. Shopify brands have never had so many app choices.

The Top 100 Plus apps saw a net gain of 21.9k installs since Q1 ‘23. Most of the largest players maintained their positions, while plenty of new kids on the block made big splashes and broke into the Top 100 for the first time.

Now, let’s hit “refresh” on the annual data and explore the most used tools (and those growing like crazy) in the Shopify Plus space.


We pulled the raw dataset for this analysis from Store Leads on [January 21, 2024] and applied a series of transformations to clean the data:

The relative % of Shopify Plus store penetration is based on the Active Shopify Plus domain store count post-data transformations (27,877 distinct domains). While certain Shopify apps and technologies may be installed and tracked, they are not necessarily in active use. Moreover, Store Leads cannot track certain apps and technologies, so those will not show up in this analysis.

For the purposes of this analysis, we looked primarily at apps that Shopify brands use and pay for. Exclusions include:

We ranked all 100 apps by highest number of installs based on the filtering listed above.

Top 100 Most Installed Apps/Technology

Below are the updated Top 100 apps broken out by category. This new and improved report has YoY comparisons of both % growth and Rank change:

Dive in and have fun. Any surprises?